Contoocook Railroad Covered Bridge/
Contoocook Village Area: Hopkinton, NH

Built in 1889, the Contoocook Railroad Covered Bridge is the oldest surviving covered railroad bridge left in the United States. It was probably designed by Boston & Maine Railroad engineer Jonathan Parker Snow )1848-1933) and built by carpenter David Hazelton (1832-1908). Under Snow, the Boston & Maine utilized wooden bridges on its branch lines longer than any other major railroad.
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Contoocook RR Covered Bridge Montage:1 Contoocook RR Covered Bridge:2
NH Covered Bridge Montage Version 2
The Contoocook Railroad Covered bridge is a very special part of this Covered Bridge Montage collection of many of New Hampshire's favorite bridges.
Contoocook RR Covered Bridge:3
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