Honeymoon Covered Bridge: Jackson, NH

The Honeymoon Covered Bridge which spans the Ellis River in Jackson, NH, was built in 1876. This bridge uses a Paddelford truss system, built by a local carpenter named Charles Broughton. The side walkway, added in 1930, was not part of his original structure. The name Honeymoon was given to the bridge to draw people to the town of Jackson, NH.
(This informational script is attractively attached to the back of each Honeymoon bridge print)

Honeymoon Covered Bridge Montage:1
Honeymoon Covered Bridge:2
NH Covered Bridge Montage Version 2
The Honeymoon Covered bridge is a very special part of this Covered Bridge Montage collection of many of New Hampshire's favorite bridges.
Honeymoon Covered Bridge:3
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