Sawyer's Crossing Covered Bridge: Swanzey, NH
also known as:
Cresson Covered Bridge: Swanzey, NH

This bridge is known as the Sawyer's Crossing Covered Bridge, in Swanzey, NH but is also named the Cresson Covered Bridge. Built in 1859, it is a one-lane town lattice Truss bridge that spans the Ashuelot River.
(This informational script is attractively attached to the back of each Sawyer's Crossing/Cresson bridge print)

Sawyer's Crossing
Cresson Covered Bridge Montage:1
Sawyer's Crossing
Cresson Covered Bridge:2
Monadnock Covered Bridges:3 NH Covered Bridge Montage Version 1
The Sawyer's Crossing-Cresson Covered bridge is a part of this unique collection of the many covered bridges of the Monadnock Area of New Hampshire. The Sawyer's Crossing-Cresson Covered bridge is a very special part of this Covered Bridge Montage collection of many of New Hampshire's favorite bridges.
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