About the Artist: V. Ellen Wolper
V. Ellen Wolper has been a graphic artist and professional photographer for over thirty years. With the development of the digital age, she was a pioneer in the art of the digital montage (or digital collage): a collection of images artistically blended together to create a new composite image. Her expertise in blending photographs together has earned her feature articles in the Manchester Mirror and Manchester Express newspapers, and a feature story on WMUR Channel 9's nightly TV program: NH Chronicle.
She states: “As I take the pictures, I can visualize how I will combine them together. My favorite part of creating montages (collages) and what I believe makes them special, is artistically creating unique compositions within which the photographs appear to flow seamlessly one into another and appear to ‘belong’ together”.

This special collection of covered bridge prints and covered bridge montage/collage prints reflects her love of New Hampshire's numerous historic bridges. The care and talent to photograph each bridge in a manner which maximizes it's unique beauty, and montages (collages) which blend either multiple views of one bridge, or a variety of bridges seamlessly together, make these archival quality prints a gift to treasure for a lifetime.

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